About Us

Meet the Founder

With an extensive background in building for-profit and non-profit brands, multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, Tanissa Carmon, a Houston native, runs a Fashion and Beauty Enterprise of award winning salons and e-commerce brands.

Untourage Salon Retreat & Untourage Beauty

Tanissa Carmon, has always been driven by the passion of having a hand in making a woman's inner and outer beauty stand out leading her to open her first hair salon, Untourage Salon Retreat in Houston, TX in 2004. With over 20+ years in the beauty industry, Tanissa utilized in-house earth conscious products and raw hair extensions on her clientele birthing her beauty brand Untourage Beauty. 

Untourage Beauty takes pride in its earth conscious ingredients, providing cruelty free hair care products, plant-fiber magnetic lash wear and raw hair extensions;  allowing her vision to expand from the usage of her salon clientele to being accessible to all woman.